Who we are

Seapro Solutions Inc. is a leading, proven provider of software solutions for the maritime industry spanning the continental U.S. and Alaska. We are anchored in our maritime roots and understand the constant evolving environment of this global business. Our flagship service offers solutions to help marine pilot organizations manage their operational information, enabling them to drastically improve productivity, reduce errors and save money. As needs change and businesses grow, our team promises to be there with a fully supported suite of products and continual enhancements so pilots can manage their operations. Our exceptional commitment to the maritime industry and product improvement has established SeaPro Solutions as a first choice solution for our maritime clients needing solutions that are supported 24/7/365.

Our Leadership

Founder Wendell Koi has spent over 30 years working in various capacities within marine operations in the tug and barge industry. A graduate of the California Maritime Academy, he started his career as a dock mechanic and progressed through increasing levels of management for prominent tug and barge operators.

As the lead consultant and owner of SeaPro Solutions since 2012, Wendell has worked with tug operators and pilot associations across the U.S., where he has been able to provide tremendous value from over three decades of industry experience. It is this experience that clearly distinguishes SeaPro Solutions as the leader in implementing software solutions specific to the maritime industry.

Our Team

In addition to our core team, we draw on a network of highly talented specialists as needed to supplement and extend our team.

Data Architecture

Our data architecture partner provides high level oversight of the various technology components with security and scalability in mind.


Our design partner has years of user interface (UX) design experience whose goal is to sure that our platforms remain simple, yet efficient for work-flow processes.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence (BI) partner is a resource for data extraction and reporting whose key objective is to convert data into useful information to help our clients succeed.

Next Generation

Family Owned - Next Generation Program. The genesis of SeaPro Solutions remains strong and is reinventing itself for the future. We are embarking on a Next Generation program to leverage our industry experience and prepare for future growth. With the original pioneering spirit still a very active force, the list of solutions is certain to increase.