SeaPro Pilot

Our flagship full service Pilot Operations Management software. This solution provides a suite of modules designed specifically for the pilot industry. Efficient and secure, enterprise like software without the enterprise price.

Mobile Ready

Available on any device,
even works offline!

Cloud Software

We leverage the power of AWS to provide a secure, scalable and redudant platform.


Interfaces with many of the commom ERP systems.


Customized to meet your organization's unique needs.

Core Functionality

Dispatching is the function of handling the flow of information, people, and equipment from a centralized location. A key role of a dispatcher is scheduling and assignment of resources, specifically vessels and people. Dispatchers must determine who and what to send where, and when. They must organize schedules, be knowledgeable about the vessel capabilities, know how long jobs are going to take, and coordinate activities as needed by other departments. Dispatchers keep track of a great deal of information and communicate information as needed as part of their duties.

SeaPro Pilot provides this solution out of the box in a user-friendly application that “just makes sense” to Dispatchers.

SeaPro Connect is the mobile app version of SeaPro Pilot that provides real-time information to pilots so that they can see what’s going on. At SeaPro Solutions, we understand this is a 24/7 industry where vessel movements occur at all hours of the day. Being a pilot trying to manage your personal life around work life is challenging.

With SeaPro Connect, pilots can visually see the job board and pilot rotations in the palm of their hands using any wireless device. Not only that, but job details like finish times can be entered directly in the app with ZERO duplicate data entry.

Billing or invoice creation can be quite complicated due to the intricacies of individual customer contracts. SeaPro Pilot takes the detailed job data from Dispatch and auto-generates billing charges including surcharges and invoices with minimal effort. Invoices can be sent electronically either individually or batched up in our nightly processes.

We make the review and auditing of invoices simple to maximize the amount of potential review due. SeaPro Pilot integrates with most any ERP system to effortlessly send detailed or summarized data to your accounting platform based on your needs.

Additional Modules

Pilots can track daily or job expenses right on the mobile app, even take a picture of their receipt. When these records sync back to shore, the office can review and/or apply GL attributes, then SeaPro Pilot interfaces the data with your ERP seamlessly.

Set up evaluation forms for pilots to conduct on apprentices, then allow the Apprentice Training Committee to review and manage the program using SeaPro Pilot. This module ensures that any pilot candidate is thoroughly appraised by the senior pilots to become a full partner.

Keeping track of licenses, endorsements and required training for pilots can be overwhelming, especially for shoreside staff. SeaPro Pilot allows for tracking these important dates and even sets up reminders so that no one misses their renewal.

Pilot boats and crew are an integral part of most any pilot organization. SeaPro Pilot combines the pilot boat and crew assignments to the pilot job, allowing visibility to all prior to. Crew rotations can be managed with this module and you can even text message crews for job confirmation. Pilot boat charges can also be applied to the customer invoice if required.

Pilot boats are often the most capital-intensive segment of any pilot organization. SeaPro Pilot offers a maintenance module that helps you protect that investment. From providing daily deck and engine logs, to fuel consumption tracking, to preventive maintenance routines, we’ve got you covered.

You can allow agents or customers access to their own portal to SeaPro Pilot. They can submit job requests, update dates and times as well as provide important notes that may be relevant to the vessel. All agent submitted jobs get reviewed and approved by dispatch and this process cuts down on duplicate data entry as well as errors.

ERP Integration with Common Accounting Platforms

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