Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance and repair (M&R) of equipment is a critical function within any workboat company. The major aspects of M&R mostly take the form of preventive, scheduled and casualty operations. Preventive maintenance practices are proactive means to avoid or mitigate consequences of equipment failure. Scheduled, or planned maintenance, is service to equipment on a recurring basis, typically based on equipment manufacturer’s specifications. Casualty, or corrective maintenance is performed typically after an equipment failure, and is usually the most costly in terms of not only the repair, but vessel downtime.

While M&R is typically associated with Engineering, there are other departments that play an important role in M&R. Operations and Dispatch are involved to ensure fleet readiness to meet customer needs. Additionally, compliance requirements dictated by Safety Management Systems, necessitate the need for an inclusive System to manage M&R.

transparent M&R

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