Dispatch & Billing

Dispatching is the function of handling the flow of information, people, and equipment from a centralized location. A key role of a dispatcher is scheduling and assignment of resources, specifically vessels and people. Dispatchers have to determine who and what to send where, and when. They must organize schedules, be knowledgeable about the vessel capabilities, know how long jobs are going to take, and coordinate activities as needed by other departments such as Maintenance or Purchasing. Dispatchers keep track of a great deal of information, and communicate information as needed as part of their duties.

Most dispatch facilities utilize computer applications to coordinate dispatch work. These systems help dispatchers track the available resources, and provide a means by which job details are captured for billing purposes to the customer.

Billing or invoice creation within the workboat industry can be quite complicated due to the intricacies of individual customer contracts. The detailed job information from the Dispatch systems is crucial to ensure that billing is generated accurately, and that the maximum revenue is accounted for.

SeaPro Solutions specializes in the business processes involved in Dispatch and Billing. We work with you to evaluate your current processes, and provide pragmatic recommendations to streamline and improve these important business processes.

  • The evaluation and recommendations of a client’s business processes and aligning them with industry “Good Practices”.
  • Recommendations for business process improvement prior to implementing technology solutions.
  • Clients typically have a thorough scope and defined business requirements prior to investing technology dollars toward solutions.
  • Clients will feel like their technology dollars are being spent on systems that provide value which supports the long term strategic vision of the company.